Sunday, July 1, 2007

Top 5 Most Expensive Web Addresses

A domain address runs about $8.95 at a place like GoDaddy. But, if you are a little ahead of the curve and can snag one that becomes a hot button issue, common phrase, or term you can make a huge return on investment. Easier said than done of course, but most things are. Below is a list of the most expensive web addresses that have been sold in recent years from Forbes.

1) - Sold in early 2005 to a Boston based company for a mixture of cash and stock. The sale netted the seller $12 million dollars.

2) - The largest ever cash web address transaction netted the sellers $9.5 million dollars.

3) - While the sellers received $7.5 million dollars for the address, the company was a victim of the dot-com bust and now is an ad parking site serving up links to other sites.

4) - paid $7.5 million dollars for the address in May 2006 and $2 million extra for in an associated deal.

5) - The address was purchased by the world's #2 brewer Interbrew for $7 million dollars.

Of course as investments go domains are questionable at best, and I'm not advocating this as a great idea... But at $9 a year you might be able to afford taking a risk or two. GoDaddy has a deal running (valid as of this post) that will net you 10% off your order by entering in the coupon code: SB2006.

Most Expensive Web Addresses
Picture @ Flickr Eric F. Schwartz