Thursday, November 29, 2007

Free Websites That Help You Save Money

Mint: Think a free stripped down version of Quicken, Money or other personal finance packages delivered via the web. Mint connects to over 3,500 U.S. financial institutions and even suggests where you can get higher rates.

Rent-o-meter: Want to know if your landlord is ripping you off? Are you charging your tennants the market rate? Simply enter your address, monthly rent, number of units, and unit size. The Rent-o-meter gives you a snapshot of whether you are getting a good deal or not.

Buy-side Realty: Megadiscount (no service) broker that will give you back 75% of the commission they receive from the broker. For example if you purchased a $200,000 home and the buyer's agent typically gets 3% of the purchase price, you pocket about $4,500 out of the deal.

Trulia: Demographic information on various areas. Find homes for sale, track trends, local real estate data and more.

Zecco: This online broker has received some mixed reviews and they recently altered their business model from free trades -- to free trades if you maintain a $2,500 account balance. Still pretty good. If you don't want to keep $2,500 in the account then it will cost you $4.50 per trade.

Bankrate: Bankrate aggregates the going rates for mortgages, home loans, credit cards, cd's, and has a lot of other useful financial information too.

Zillow: Real estate valuation service. Check what homes are selling for in a particular area. There have been plenty of people who claim its data is flawed and that it can be far to high or low, but even if imperfect it still has some useful data for people that are home shopping.