Friday, September 5, 2008

World's Highest Concentration of Millionaires

Boston Consulting has released its most recent Global Wealth Report and it has some information that is probably pretty surprising to most Americans. The report has statistics on where the highest concentrations of millionaires are located in the world. The surprising part for me was which country was on top... Singapore. In Singapore apparently 1 in 10 households have assets in excess of $1 million dollars. The list below has stats on what percentage of the population is worth more than $1 million in each of the top five countries:

1 — Singapore — 10.6%
2 — Qatar — 7.9%
3 — Switzerland — 7.3%
4 — United Arab Emirates — 6.6%
5 — Kuwait — 5.3%

If you are wondering, the U.S.A. ranks sixth at 4.3%...

Link: WSJ Wealth Report Blog
Image: DogFrog @ Flickr