Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's Tax Time: Get Someone To Do Your Dirty Work For Free

The number of people who enjoy filing their taxes can likely be counted on one hand (even CPA's dread this time of year), but if you match the qualification criteria you can get someone to do your dirty work for you and not pay a dime. The VITA program (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) sponsored by the IRS recruits a small army of college students and other individuals who after undergoing thorough training can fill out you taxes for you.

Good deal huh? What's the catch?

Well the big catch is you typically have to have $39,000 in income or less, the second is you need to find a VITA center (generally pretty easy if you live near an university that has a business or law program). If you meet the criteria find a volunteer location on the IRS website, round up all your documents and walk right by the H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt guys hawking their services around town.