Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Let your Credit Card protect you

Credit cards get a bad rap for lots of things - mostly for people unable to manage the responsibilities that accompany them. While it is often overshadowed, these companies can provide some valuable services to their clients. Case and point - if you have a CitiBank platinum credit card (you can see my post about this here, but I'm sure others offer this service as well) you
are covered for increased warranty protection. The extended warranties that Best Buy and others push on you are one of the worst investments possible. But, you can get double the coverage through many credit card providers simply by putting your purchase on their plastic. An article made the Consumerist today about a person who bought a new laptop and it broke outside the year warranty, luckily he put it on his American Express and was covered for an additional year. That is a hell of a deal since he probably received some sort of reward when he charged it in the first place.