Saturday, April 7, 2007

Cross Country on Grease

Everyone knows that ethanol is the new big thing making farmers in Iowa and other farming heavy states see dollar signs... but what if you could power your car on something other people gladly get rid of?

The Adler family took a cross country trip in their diesel RV and didn't fill up at a single gas station. Not the most unheard of feat, but when you learn the family filled up their RV at waste frying oil things get a little more unbelievable. Net cost for the journey - nothing, nada, zilch. The site says he was only refused oil one time when he asked on his cross country trip. They filled up at McDonalds, Chinese buffets and other greasy American staples.

Let me just say that it makes me feel a little uneasy about my day to day nurishment if a byproduct from it can power a RV.


Cross Country on Grease