Thursday, July 12, 2007

Free Stock Trades?

When I was checking my email last night I came accross an adsense ad for free stock trades. So what you say, I get about 150 of those a week in my spam folder. Well maybe so, but having some spare time I clicked it anyways and it turns out yet another company is trying to use the web to shake up tired business models.

Zecco promises to give you 10 free trades a day or 40 free trades a month for free. After you reach 40 it charges $3.50 per trade (which is still less than most online brokers). The company also does not charge a minimum account balance or maintenance fees unless you are trading on margin. The company has a matrix that lines its fees up against the competitors here.

The interface doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary or too spectacular, but you can't beat the pricing...

Has anyone tried this yet? I haven't used this service at all, but love the premise. I assume (which is always dangerous) that the way the company can keep costs so low is that it fills both sides of the orders clients place. In other words if at all possible waits to find another Zecco customer that is selling what you're buying before it closes the order. However, this isn't uncommon and every broker tries to do this.

I am guessing though that Zecco trades are less than instantaneous - although I haven't heard anything to the contrary, but for me it wouldn't be a big deal. I'm not a day trader and those of you who are day traders are probably using a more robust service anyways. Plus, if you are buying and selling you should be using the good ol' market limit so you can lock in the prices you want to buy or sell at anyways.

I'd love for this service to succeed or at least cause a little disturbance in the pricing structure of the bigger players. If you have used Zecco email me and let me know what you think.