Friday, March 9, 2007

5 Ways to Find Cheap Gas

Do you like getting screwed on the regular by OPEC & Co.? Yeah, I don't either and I'm not that guy who drives a Hummer and then complains about how awful gas prices are. Well I'm here to help. Here are five ways you can find the cheapest gas around without putting in much time or effort.

1) Install Widgets:

like "GasWatch" for PC

and "Gas" for the Mac

2) Visit websites that will let you search by zip for gas prices and view locations on a google maps type interface.

3) Text messaging: If you are handy with a cell phone you can text the guys over at 411sync with your 5 digit zip code and you will get a listing back of prices in your area.

4) Mobile web: Another one for those of you with a capable cell phone. If your cell phone, blackberry, or PDA surfs then head over to

5) GPS system: StreetPilot and a few of the other new in-car GPS units will offer this information to you directly. If you can afford a GPS system you probably don't care if you save 3 cents on a gallon of petro, but if you do the option is there.

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