Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tax Time: Big Time Write-offs

If you have a home business or office you can legally write-off a lot of things you might not expect (provided they have a use related to your office). Like most laws, tax laws use the terminology that is vague at best and baffling to most. Luckily there are CPA types who love this stuff that the rest of us find mind-numbingly boring.

To write off an item it must be "reasonable and customary" and connected to a trade or business. The good thing is that as the CPA says in this article, "there's almost nothing that isn't deductible under the right circumstances." This article describes tax write-offs for car, mileage, educator expenses, big screen TV, and higher education expenses. While it might be a good start, a better place to get deductions obviously is to call up your local CPA.

MSN Money: Taxes