Sunday, March 4, 2007

Trade your Old Digital Camera For a New One

If the thought of inviting more used car salesman types into your life scares you, rest at assured this isn't quite like that. How do you feel about trading in an outdated camera for a shiny new one? Although the new(ish) program from Kodak values your digital camera in a similar manner to car dealerships by devaluing the product steeply the second you take it home, there isn't a guy wearing too much cologne and pushing products you don't want. This may something you should check into if you are thinking about trading up to a new digital camera. The program (started in October '06) considers multiple factors when calculating price, but gives megapixel count the greatest weight. The site is easy to use:

  1. Register
  2. Use the estimator tool to determine how much your old camera is worth.
  3. Buy a new camera from
  4. Send in a copy of your receipt and your old digital camera with the prepaid shipping label.
  5. One to two weeks after receiving the item, Kodak sends you a check. trade in program here