Sunday, March 11, 2007

Have a Domain Name: Double Check Who it is Registered With

This post is for those of you who make a living, extra money, or market products or services on the web AND have a domain name. If you don't have any interest in domain names you can skip this post, well because I don't want to bore you.

If you registered the domain with Registerfly you might want to move quick to make certain your valuable domain doesn't get transferred to someone else. The CEO of Registerfly (Kevin Medina) made news lately expropriating company funds for liposuction and other expenses that don't exactly slip by unnoticed when the CPA comes to audit your books. The company is relatively unknown aside from the antics of its CEO, but does have 2 million + domain names under management. Now Registerfly is a company in a fast downward spiral and 75,000+ customers are without access to their websites. Users who have names there should get things moved as fast as possible to a carrier that won't let things expire. Sounds easy... except there have been many of reports of Registerfly not responding to email or requests to transfer accounts. The folks at GoDaddy have stepped in to help. While it is probably not entirely benevolent, the company is offering special rates to former Registerfly customers and has offered to help out customers who have had transfers denied.

The special rates aren't that tremendous an offer to switch to GoDaddy, but it is a pretty reliable company (even if they have terrible Super Bowl commercials). The more important part of the story is you can enlist their man power to get your transfer request moving forward if you are stuck.

See message from GoDaddy