Friday, March 2, 2007

Saving Cash on Travel Series: (Article 4/4)

While it is overshadowed by expedia, orbitz and some of the other better known travel sites, my favorite travel website out there is Why not just use the big boys? First off orbitz is owned by American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, and United. Important to know because your search won't bring back fares from any of the other airlines which may give you a better deal than those five carriers. Expedia actually has a pretty good reputation as far as online travel services go, but I like Kayak because it seems to give me more options.

The search is fast and aggregates results from many of the major and not so major carriers. I'm not sure why but in my very unscientific tests I seem to get more results that are on average a little cheaper than its competitors. I don't know if 1) the site shows results from the airline itself where there aren't additional fees, 2) the searches I have run just happened to come out cheaper, or 3) it picks up more matches than other providers but it has worked for me in the past so give it a try - it's free.